Life Hack – Home Made Fabreze for Migraine Sufferers.

In the last few months I moved out of my mums house into a lovely home with my boyfriend and puppy.

Fabric fresheners are something most homeowners just pick up from their local supermarkets; however, as someone who suffers from migraines, I find it hard to find smells that aren’t too overwhelming for me, in fabric conditioners, room scents, perfumes and even cleaning products. Continue reading “Life Hack – Home Made Fabreze for Migraine Sufferers.”

Life in plastic, it’s… fantastic?

So, it’s probably no secret to anyone on my social media that I’ve recently had lip fillers. This has caused a lot of mixed opinions, from people telling me I was fine before (plot twist: I know), to people telling me they love them. It has also caused absolute outrage with a lot of guys I’m friends with – most of which feel they are fake and unnatural – messages sent between gym sessions improving the muscular ‘gains’ they develop purely through good diet and a healthy intake of steroids – but that’s none of my business. Continue reading “Life in plastic, it’s… fantastic?”