I tried Good American jeans… and here’s the verdict

Before I start on this whole post – let me assure you that these are all the opinions of a size 8-10 human being whose arse doesn’t quite fit into her skinny jeans the majority of the time

Looking good and doing good is something that isn’t always possible in this day and age – so it’s nice to know that Good American jeans are all made in America, and part of the profits from every pair is donated to women’s charity ‘Step Up’.

I bought the ‘Good Legs Pearls’ when they were on offer for £60. Bargain, I thought, and bagged a pair in size 6. I did this because I had always been told that American sizing is two below ours. Then, as I got to the checkout, my palms broke out in a cold sweat. Okay, I thought I was a size 6 – but how many times had I ordered my size off a UK site, and then tried it on to end up resembling the pork joint that so often graced the family table?

This was where I referred back to the sizing guide, and decided, for the first time in my life, to measure myself properly.
This required a shoelace and a measuring tape, since we didn’t have one of those funny paper IKEA tape measures lying around. Ten minutes and 50 ‘double check’ moments later, and I’d figured out I was a size 2.

A size 2.


I don’t really care all that much about size, since I used to be a fair bit bigger than I am now… but there’s no confidence boost quite like ordering a size 2 pair of jeans on a Saturday.
So I ordered them, went about my day, and lived in the constant fear that a size 2 was definitely not my size.

They finally arrived, and I’d already warned everyone that I would definitely go to bed early if they didn’t fit. I opened the box as soon as I got home, and they looked surprisingly like they actually would fit (a small victory, but a victory all the same).
They went on really nicely, and didn’t struggle over my bum. I’d be tempted to say I could have gone a size down (it did, by the way, suggest this on the site – but I wasn’t risking a size 0, although looking back I would order this size next time).

I mean, the verdict is that these jeans are amazing. I can’t speak for how long they will last, but they seem a lot better made than my usual jeans, and are a lovely fit (even if they’re a little big around the waste due to my own denial of my size – but that’s nothing a belt can’t fix).
I’ve been wearing them for over 2 months now; I love them – and I would strongly advise any girl who wants a comfy pair of jeans that they can fit their arse in to follow suit.

T x

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