Post-Gym Salads’ That Aren’t Sh*t

Salad is something I hated for a long time. We had a broken relationship, built on my lack of trust in lettuce, and it took a lot of time to gain it back.
In the last few years, I have let salad take a firm place in my heart; when I’m on a big health kick, it’s the easiest thing to make after a gym session and makes a delicious meal. Continue reading “Post-Gym Salads’ That Aren’t Sh*t”

Makeup Inspo – Kim K

Recently, I have been really switching up my makeup.
It’s not that often anymore that I go for a colourful eye, instead tending to stay a little more neutral, and switching up my vampy lips for something lighter.
I don’t know whether I’m being influenced by the coming of spring, or whether it’s the endless reruns of Kardashian’s, but something has got me in the nude mood. Continue reading “Makeup Inspo – Kim K”