Makeup Storage Solutions

So although I’m planning on going way more in depth on this situation, I’m going to run through my basic makeup storage to help out people who are just starting out because I know first hand how daunting it can be to know what is good value and what just isn’t worth the money.

1. Acrylic drawers
Acrylic drawers are probably the only thing every Youtuber has, and actually really worth the investment. They are really great for storing liquid lipsticks/lipgloss and I have a separate one for gel liners/eye pigments. For the use you get out of them, they’re really worth the splurge, and although they seem (are) overpriced, you get what you pay for, and these will be your best friend – no more rushing around wondering where your favourite red is in the morning (unless you’ve shoved it in 1 of 20 handbags, in which case you’re your problem)

2. Wooden Drawers (specifically, those boujee Ikea ones)
You guessed it. Ikea Alex Drawers – the staple of any makeup room. These are a dream come true because they’re just a set of wooden office drawers, which means they’re deep length wise and pretty wide too. Wide enough to fit in 2 of my next staple per drawer, which is really going to change your life. Plus, I like to organise little things like candles or crystals on top of my drawers, which makes the place look fancy.

3. Plastic Baskets
These are so cheap it’s unreal. If you complain about this recommendation I will personally pay for your baskets just so you can learn the value of them.
They stack your highlighters real fancy, keep your bobbles and clips in order, make sure you can easily find your favourite foundation shade when you’re in a rush before your night out – they can probably cover your credit card bills and stop your man going bald if you ask them nicely.

giphy (6)

4. Wicker Baskets
The big fancy ass ones your mum has to store her two toiletries in (seriously, I got em from my mama – but here’s a close match)
I use these to store my curling iron, straighteners, hairdryer etc. They just keep all my wired things nice and neat and keep the temptation of throwing them into a big messy pile firmly away.

And that’s it. Those are my top buys for anyone just starting to get into makeup who wants to store their stuff without spending excessive amounts.


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