Batch Organics- The New Healthy

If you’re anything like me, your New Years’ resolutions were probably health and fitness related. This is all great in theory, but after indulging in Quality Streets and Toblerone over the festive period, keeping them is never really a walk in the park. 

My biggest downfall every day is my breakfast. I am prone to putting a few extra minutes under the covers over a healthy breakfast, so I usually only have time to grab a piece of Nutella on toast on my way out the door.
As an attempt to stick to my resolution, I recently teamed up with Batch Organics, a British breakfast brand who provide smoothie subscriptions to your door.

Their products are perfect for the lazy people out there (myself included), as each smoothie or breakfast bowl comes with all the ingredients in its own pot (minus whichever liquid you want to add) which just needs to be popped into a blender or microwave.
The best part is they come in a travel cup, so you can just pop the lid back on, head out the door and eat your breakfast on the commute.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was a little skeptical at first; I didn’t know how easy or hassle-free healthy breakfasts could be – but I’m glad to say I have definitely changed my mind!
The smoothies are really refreshing, and definitely fill me up – I’ve been adding fruit juice to mine over milk, just because I prefer this with my smoothies. However, I have been adding the Tiger Nut Mylk they sent me to the breakfast bowls, and it makes them so creamy and also slightly sweeter. It’s a great dairy-free option for people who, like me, can’t handle regular old milk – or just choose not to eat it!
I would highly recommend buying the Chocolate Hazelnut Breakfast Bowl if you’re a Nutella addict like me – it certainly satisfies the craving!

Batch Organics are gluten-free, organic, and provide great vegan options. Best of all, they can provide subscription boxes weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even just as a one-off if you want to try before you subscribe; their products are also delivered in chilled boxes – so you never have to worry about waiting in!

For more information on Batch Organics, or to start your #FreezerFresh journey, visit;


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