My Go-To Natural Look

Last weekend, I celebrated my 20th birthday!

My family visited to go out for a meal, and I didn’t really want to go full on glam.
However, I did go for my more natural look (which is probably most peoples idea of ‘glam’)


Recently, I’ve been loving NudeStix lip products, as they dry down matte and last all day (and that’s coming from a girl whos’ daily lunch choice is pesto pasta!) so I usually just switch up the shade depending on the day (today I’ve gone with ‘Freckle’), however in these photos I’m wearing ‘Fringe’.
I’ve also been trying various false lashes, as prior to a couple of months ago I was afraid to ever wear them. These ones are the Lilly Lashes in ‘Goddess’.

This look truly makes me feel like a princess, whilst not being too over the top. It’s pretty perfect for lunch dates, shopping trips, and even the office (although I definitely keep away from the lashes for my everyday work look).


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