Dr Botanicals

Just before Christmas, Dr Botanicals offered to send me a Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil to review.
I also stumbled across a night cream I wanted to try, and I’ve given them both a go for long enough to make a pretty good judgement. This post is by nature sponsored, however the opinions of the products are all my own honest opinions.

Rose Superfood Oil, £39.99

The rose facial oil I’ve been using of a daytime under my makeup, as it’s a lot less greasy than the other daytime creams and oils I’ve used previously. I did find it strange at first, as when you first press it into your skin it does feel very tacky; however it soon settles in and gives the skin a really nice glow, and it also smells divine.

Coco Noir Night Moisturiser, £59.90

I also grabbed their Cocoa Noir Sensuous Night Repairing Moisturiser, which has definitely got me through the drier winter days. I’ve recently had terrible dry skin on my face and eyes which has really made me self conscious; but I feel like it’s starting to clear up since I’ve switched up my skin care routine and added this moisturiser to my nightly products!





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