Freshly Baked London

I love a good cruelty free tan.
They really are few and far between, and when I find a new one it makes my week.

Which is why I’m super excited that I have discovered a new favourite, by accident, that I am living for this festive season!
The brand is Freshly Baked London, who specialise in creating beautifully scented tan in two shades (‘original’ and ‘dark’).
Although they aren’t a very well known cult tanning brand like Bondi, they are on par for quality, cheaper in price, and smell divine.

I came across the brand recently on LookFantastic and happened to be running out of tan, so I risked it and bought their ‘Watermelon’ scent in ‘dark’.
Freshly baked smelt truly tropical from the first pump, and barely left the fatal ‘fake tan’ scent on me after I washed it off the next day.

I can safely say that FBL provides a streak-free, golden tan that will ensure you look like you’ve just come back from two weeks at the Bahamas, rather than the glaring office lights you’ve actually spent the whole of winter under. (Just make sure you shave those legs you’ve been growing out, or people will know.)


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