Life Hack – Home Made Fabreze for Migraine Sufferers.

In the last few months I moved out of my mums house into a lovely home with my boyfriend and puppy.

Fabric fresheners are something most homeowners just pick up from their local supermarkets; however, as someone who suffers from migraines, I find it hard to find smells that aren’t too overwhelming for me, in fabric conditioners, room scents, perfumes and even cleaning products.
But I also need my home to smell fresh, especially since I have a puppy – and so Fabric fresheners are something I always have to hand.
I love my bedding, sofas and even the puppy’s blankets to smell as clean as they possibly can.

Obviously, Fabreze is a great addition to the home – however, it’s usually around £3 a bottle, and even though that may seem like loose change to some, when I use it to freshen the sofas, blankets, and other furnishings weekly, it gets used up fast.

It also doesn’t come in a huge variety of scents, and for me, the scent of regular Fabreze is just too much.
A lot of smells can set me off, but especially strong fragrances, so I prefer a soft vanilla scent on my upholstery so there’s no fear of getting a migraine every time I sit on my sofa.

That’s where this hack comes in.
Imagine the beauty of having a Fabric Freshener that is completely personal to you, using your favourite scent?
Imagine if this Freshener was inexpensive to make and caused no Migraine symptoms?!

All you need is a glass measuring jug, a large plastic spray bottle, and your favourite Fabric Softener (mine is vanilla scented).

I usually mix about one cap of softener, with around half a jug of boiling water, and then top it up with cold water so that it cools down a little, and then transfer it straight into your plastic bottle! (I never mix it straight into the bottle because hot water and plastic do not mix)
Leave it out to cool for a few hours, and then it’s ready to go!


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