My Hair Care Routine

My hair has taken a beating over my lifetime.
I have consistently dyed it, bleached it half to death, curled it almost every other day when I was younger, and have just generally not cared about it, because I was always told I had strong hair.

Whilst that’s true, I can’t rely on my hair to constantly be perfect if I’m brutalising it on a daily basis, so last year I decided to make some drastic changes and start treating my hair the way it should be treated.

I stopped bleaching it (although I do still dye it, admittedly) – but apart from that, I consider myself a hair saint.
I turned my straighteners off almost permanently (I think I’ve heat styled it twice in the past year), stopped blow drying it altogether, and switched my £3 Boots shampoo and conditioner out for Maria Nila (my best decision to date).

Now, I’m not saying that by doing this, I have magically fixed my hair, reversed all the damage I did since I was twelve, and it’s thicker than Kim K’s arse.
The chances of that being the case are slim to none.

However, I have stopped myself from creating further damage.

I have been growing my hair out for around a year now, and have refused to have it cut the whole time (much to the dismay of my sister, who’s a hairdresser).
However, despite my aversion to the chop, I have next to no split ends, which might be just pure good luck, but I’m betting its more likely that it’s down to the Maria Nila products I have been using since April.

I may state for the record that I am not in any way affiliated with the Maria Nila brand, and I certainly am not of a standing in the blogging community where they have sent me products to try.

In fact, I chose Maria Nila’s products because I was searching for something cruelty free, that smelt good, and would hopefully work on my hair.
It just so happens that the products are also paraben and sulphate free (apparently v.good news for your hair), and also reduce the loss of colour.

I was sceptical of the brand at first, and it felt like I was spending a lot of money to potentially not get too much out of it; however after using the Structure Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for the last few months, my hair has definitely improved to the point where other people comment on it. It also apparently smells great (people for the first time in my life have actually asked what I’m using on my hair), and I have 100% noticed a difference in the feel of it, as well as the speed at which it grows.

I am still growing out my hair, and since I am going all cruelty free, I am trying out new brands in my bid to have hair Kim K’s extensions will be envious of. Wish me luck!


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