Fenty Launch – Review and Swatches

So for months, I have been endlessly googling, stalking Rihanna and anyone who may know her, in the hopes that I would get just a glimpse of what was to come from Fenty.

I never found out anything from this, and mostly wasted my own time. Until today.
Launch day has happened around the world today, and my nearest store was the Harvey Nichols in Leeds.
Queue frantic running on my lunch break, with rumours of masses of crowds, sold out products, and a counter that people were ‘unable to see’.

Upon arrival, it was at best a far stretch, but I preferred it that way. There were no massive crowds (I’d probably missed them) and not only could I see the counter, but I got some pretty decent pictures on my otherwise shitty iPhone camera, and was helped out by a lovely girl.
I did pick some things up, and will definitely be swatching these later on in the post, however for now lets just marvel at what a beautiful counter it is.

Lets start with the foundation stand. Not only has Rihanna created forty foundations, but a filter primer to keep your skin looking beautiful and keep that face on for longer.
I didn’t purchase either of these products, mainly because I was working and didn’t have time for a full on colour match. However, I was told the foundation is semi matte (my favourite finish) and buildable (great news again). The primer was beautiful, and felt really moisturising on my hand, but gave a nice, filtered semi matte effect when it dried down.
They also sell a foundation brush and a blending sponge to use with these.
The primer retails at £24, whilst the foundation is £26, the foundation brush £26 also, and the sponge for £13.


Next was (for me) the main event. Contouring and Highlighting cream sticks.
I am a cream product fanatic.
I absolutely love stick foundations, so it’s natural that I was attracted to this stand from the start. I was shown the sticks, which were gorgeously blendable, and beautifully creamy. I then stood around with the stick in my hand, not wanting to put it back in case it fell off because it didn’t look like there was anywhere on the stand that had a shelf to catch it, which was when I was told this side of the counter (and ALL of the Match Stix) were magnetic.

By chance, I picked out a contour stick and a shimmer highlight stick which both came in one of the special offer trios, so I naturally picked up the whole set.
Each one of these sticks retails at £21, or the trios retail for £46, meaning you get each for around £15.

This stand was one of my favourites, and contained the Lipgloss and Highlighters.
They did have another stand with highlighters and brushes on also, but I preferred the aesthetic of this stand.

The highlighters were absolutely gorgeous, and the brand offers both single and duo highlight compacts, all packaged in white holographic compacts.
All of the highlighters retail at £26, with the lipgloss at £16.

The brand also offers blotting powder for £24, blotting paper for £13, and refills for this at £8.
For brushes, you can buy the foundation brush from earlier, and they also offer 3 ‘portable’ mini size brushes for Touch Ups, Highlighter and Contour/Concealer which individually retail for £19. I was very tempted to purchase the contour/concealer portable, however I feel that I have so many similar brushes that I dont need another just to use for demoing and trying the products, but I will probably end up investing in it in the near future, as it’s white and magnetic and I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.
The only other thing the brand offers is the blending sponge, which was discussed earlier.

Now on to the main event/probably what you sifted through all the rest for – the review and swatches of the products I picked up.

As I said earlier, I ended up picking up a Match Stix Trio, and a Killawatt Duo Highlight to add to my collection.







This was my first purchase, because I am an absolute addict for highlighters. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it.
It’s so unlike any other highlighter I have currently in my collection, and so pigmented. I love that it can be used for eyeshadow and highlighter, and I will definitely be using it through the autumn as a multifunctional product and a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

The two very right swatches show the duo highlighter shades.
One is more subdued, whilst the other is very bright and more of a ‘night-time’ shade for most people (although I wear it for everyday because I love to be extra).

Next I picked up the contour trio, because this was something that I really wanted to try from the second I saw it.







The trio I ended up picking up was the Medium 200 shade, which contains the contour in Mocha, matte highlight in shade Bamboo, and shimmer highlight in the shade Trippin.
As I said earlier, the Match Stix are very creamy and blendable, and can also be built up to get a more defined look. You get quite a bit of product in each stick, and a little goes a long way, so I can’t see myself using them up very quickly.
I absolutely love them, and they will definitely be a staple in my autumn makeup bag.

From left to right are the Match Stix trio swatches in Mocha, Bamboo and Trippin.

Overall, I am absolutely loving the brand.
It’s clear that a lot of time and money has been put into production, branding and packaging, and in my opinion it’s definitely going to pay off.
The contour sticks are creamy, the highlights are blinding, and the foundation looks absolutely like something I would love to invest in in the near future.


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