Life Hack – Home Made Fabreze for Migraine Sufferers.

In the last few months I moved out of my mums house into a lovely home with my boyfriend and puppy.

Fabric fresheners are something most homeowners just pick up from their local supermarkets; however, as someone who suffers from migraines, I find it hard to find smells that aren’t too overwhelming for me, in fabric conditioners, room scents, perfumes and even cleaning products. Continue reading “Life Hack – Home Made Fabreze for Migraine Sufferers.”

My Hair Care Routine

My hair has taken a beating over my lifetime.
I have consistently dyed it, bleached it half to death, curled it almost every other day when I was younger, and have just generally not cared about it, because I was always told I had strong hair.

Whilst that’s true, I can’t rely on my hair to constantly be perfect if I’m brutalising it on a daily basis, so last year I decided to make some drastic changes and start treating my hair the way it should be treated. Continue reading “My Hair Care Routine”

Fenty Launch – Review and Swatches

So for months, I have been endlessly googling, stalking Rihanna and anyone who may know her, in the hopes that I would get just a glimpse of what was to come from Fenty.

I never found out anything from this, and mostly wasted my own time. Until today.
Launch day has happened around the world today, and my nearest store was the Harvey Nichols in Leeds. Continue reading “Fenty Launch – Review and Swatches”