Buxom Cosmetics

Buxom is a brand that our friends across the pond have had around for quite a while, however over here in the UK we’ve only had it a few months.

Naturally, I had heard of the brand through various American Youtubers and Bloggers, but I wanted to see what the fuss was about for myself, so I purchased their palette offer for £36.
The basics of the offer is that you can either choose one of their existing palettes (already made up) for £36, or you can customise your own, choosing your own six shades and getting a palette in with the deal. the shades and palette on their own are each £8, but you can choose 6 shades and your palette for £36 if you buy in bulk, which makes it perfect for testing out the brand without breaking the bank.

These are the shades I decided on which I will go through in depth later on, and also the packaging of the eyeshadow palette.
The tote bag I’m using as a background was free with my purchase, which I always love – especially as a blogger, because it’s always nice to have brand themed images to use.

The packaging of the palette itself is actually really sleek, and I love all black palettes that are plastic, because they’re easy to clean, and black always looks super classy.
I did like organising my palette, however sometimes you can definitely have too many options with arranging them, and I tend to spend hours deliberating over what would look best. In the end, I went with highlight colours on the left of the palette, and lid colours on the right, with both going lightest to darkest.

From left to right, these shades are; Champagne Buzz, La La Lavish, Pure Platinum, Glitz Factor, Wild Nights, and No Faux.

These swatches were created with one swipe, and as you can see they really are opaque, and they have a beautiful payoff.
The colours have beautiful undertones which these pictures really don’t do any justice, and some of them are more of a duo-chrome shade.

All in all, I am really impressed with this brand and I am glad they made the move to the UK. I do think that the brand is not really well known in the UK currently, but hopefully this will change, as their products really are worth the splurge.


2 thoughts on “Buxom Cosmetics

  1. I adore Buxom Cosmetics. They’re mascara is literally amazing. I loved this entry. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space sometime?
    Mena | femmerewritten.com 🍃✨


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