Day 7 – Kiehls

So it’s the final day of my skincare series and I’m finishing it off with my favourite products from my skin care regime.

I only recently started using Kiehls skincare as I came across them on the internet and then happened to pass a Kiehls shop when I went out and decided to pop in and just see what they recommended.

The lady in there was wonderful to me and showed me all the different things I could use for my skin. There were a lot of things she demonstrated to me and she was so helpful, however I settled on the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

I didn’t realise that this Oil had such a strong fan base, or that it was talked about in the blogging community before I purchased it; however I got the 50ml version as it was better value for money, and I returned home with the promise that it would change my skin ‘overnight’.

I was naturally skeptical of overnight results from this product, because I didn’t really expect anything to change my skin that quickly.

However, after one nights use I did notice really good results from this one, and with continued use my skin has only gotten better. I am almost completely breakout free now (even when I eat chocolate and when I am more hormonal I don’t tend to get the same breakouts I used to) and my skin actually looks a lot better.

Although is has a pretty hefty price tag, it makes my makeup application a lot nicer, smells absolutely beautiful and has really improved my skins texture.

I was also given samples of the Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Pure Vitality moisturiser and I love them both just as much. The combination of these products used together has really saved my skin; and I have gone on to purchase the Daily Reviving Concentrate full size, and am definitely swaying toward getting the moisturiser too.

This is definitely a brand that I will be sticking with in the future, and I am so excited to try out even more new products.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – Kiehls

  1. HI! What’s your skin type? When I tried this it felt like it was gonna clog my pores, but somehow it turned out the total opposite the next day. Not sure if it’s a placebo effect though haha


    1. Hey! My skin type is usually combination but lately it’s been really dehydrated too… definitely never clogs my pores it’s worked amazingly for me! However with all skin products like moisturisers and oils they’d they need to be pressed rather than rubbed in… so just put spread the product between your hands and then press your hands over your face instead if you’re not already as that’s usually where people go wrong applying face product! ☺️


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