Day 6 – Magnitone Facial Brush

I had been obsessed with facial brushes for a while before I purchased one, and I had a look at pretty much all of them before I made my final decision.

The one I decided to get in the end was the Magnitone Rose Quartz Facial Brush.

Part of the appeal of this Brush was of course the design and colour – it is so beautiful to look at and it perks up any bathroom sink – however it’s also really handy and a great investment.

It comes with a handy travel bag for taking away with you and a strange but quirky magnetic charger for when you’re running out of juice!

I use mine mostly to exfoliate or for a deep cleanse when I want that extra pick me up – and honestly this really does make a difference to the texture and evenness of my skin tone.

Although it’s a little more on the pricey side, it is not as expensive as some of the other facial brushes out there, and it has given me some amazing results. For me it’s definitely worth the investment on this one, as it has saved my skin many times – especially over the Christmas period when I was a lot dryer and had some patchy dry bits on my face.

This one retails at around £70 from what I can remember, and then you have to buy the replacement heads every so often!


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