Day 4: Grounded Face (and body) Scrub! 

I’ve already pretty much covered all there is to say about this beauty on my other blog post, so there’s not much left to say other than you should probably read my full review in that one rather than allowing me to waffle on about it yet again on here.

In short, it’s amazing stuff, it smells absolutely gorgeous, it works wonders, and it’s the only thing that makes the dry skin on my nose disappear – a little bit goes a hell of a long way. It’s definitely an abrasive scrub, but I prefer that, as it’s not packed with butters and oils to make your skin ‘feel’ smooth, without actually doing anything other than creating a film on top of it. It’s 100% my favourite scrub of all time, and I would recommend it to anybody (and I do, regularly)

For a more in depth review of this one, do feel free to check out my earlier post about it.

T x

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