Day 3 – Liz Earle

This is a product I have used for a few months now, and so the opinion I have of it is a pretty well-educated one.

The cleanser itself, I adore. It smells to me quite herbal, but it’s definitely not an unpleasant smell.

I use this most nights (although not as much as I use the Bare Minerals Oil Obsessed, but that’s just because I am addicted to the smell of lavender at the minute.)

It’s an amazing cleanser, really soothing and creamy. It has helped to hydrate my skin most definitely. It is really effective as a makeup remover, however I prefer to use it as the second step to my double cleanse.

The only thing I disliked about this product unfortunately were the cloths that came with it in the pack. It’s not that they’re not effective, they definitely are. But to me the texture feels really weird against my skin, and it sort of goes through me.

However, this is not an opinion that is shared by anyone else I have spoken to, so it’s pretty much just me that feels that way (sorry, Liz Earle). I still managed to find a use for them by passing them on to my boyfriend, but I just wasn’t a fan.

However I will happily repurchase the cleanser on its own instead of in the pack with the cloths.

For anyone interested, this one retails at £14 for 100ml.

T x

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