Day 2. Beauty Oil – Tarte

One of the products I always watched people use in envy since the day it was released was the Tarte Maracuja Oil.
It was one of those things that everyone had and I didn’t, until very recently.

I bought this at Sephora when I visited Australia, and because of this I didn’t pay quite as much for it.
This is one of those products I was definitely a bit more skeptical of, since everyone had so many good things to say , and every time I buy a hyped up product I either fall completely in love or completely hate it because it doesn’t live up to the expectations set by everyone.

With this, I can firmly say I am in love.
It is one of those products that I reach for so often, because it has so many uses.
I was using this as a moisturiser for a while, but I’ve recently switched to some other oils which are working better for me, so I don’t tend to use it for that so much anymore.
I do, however use it for mixing with my cream contour set from Anastasia Beverly Hills which makes it a lot easier to blend, and I use it as a moisturiser replacement on days when I want a more dewy makeup look.

I do love this product, for certain uses. However, although it’s good, it’s not really something I would absolutely need for skin care – my makeup bag, yes I definitely need this in there. My skin care routine? Not so much.
I did find that it improved my skin, and made it more hydrated definitely – however since buying this oil a couple of months ago, I have found other beauty oils, which are created specifically to improve the skin, that are a lot more effective.

This is one of those products I definitely adore, and will certainly repurchase, but I feel like it was very much hyped up as a skin saviour, when that’s really not what it is, or what it’s the best at.
This is moreso a ‘beauty’ oil than a ‘facial’ oil, and it’s really important not to get the two mixed up – if you want an oil that will help your cream contour blend like a dream, then it doesn’t get much better than this beauty. But as an addition to my skin care, there are definitely better oils in this price range (which I will be reviewing later on in the week), and I tend to pick these up a lot more often than my Tarte Maracuja Oil.

T x

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