Day 1: Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals are one of those brands I was never aware of and then became aware of all at once by working on the counter next to them in store.

I fell in love with their pigments and own a fair few now, but I also adore their values as a company; the fact that they’re cruelty free and use natural ingredients.
Although the pigments were the first thing I went to, I soon became obsessed with trying their skin care range, and I definitely have my favourites – most of all, the Oil Obsessed Cleanser.

This is the ultimate Oil Cleanser for every skin type, and works a treat to remove makeup at night time; the added scent of lavender also helps to get me ready for bed and definitely relaxes me more, so I’m a huge fan of this one!
It’s also done wonders for my skin overall and saved me on some of my worst kin days over the past few months!

It’s definitely become a staple product for me and something I cannot go to bed without (and if I do I feel awfully guilty). The only thing I would say is the guidelines are way off on this – I think it suggests something like 3-4 pumps when 1 usually does me, or one and half on days when I have a lot of eye makeup or a liquid lipstick on.
But this only means that this little gem will last you way longer than you would expect, which is never a bad thing!

For those who are interested, you can pick this up for £22 – trust me, it’s worth every penny!

T x

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