7 Days of Skincare

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; skin care is a huge part of my daily routine, and it should be this way for everyone else too.
It is an extremely important way to not only keep your skin looking healthy and young, but also to create a perfect canvas for your makeup.

I use a lot of different products from different brands, and there’s a lot of brands I’ve been really loving recently but have never really spoken about in depth.
My skin is constantly changing at the minute and I’m struggling to keep up with it, because of this I’ve been investing a lot into new products and trying out new things from new brands. My skin is also hypersensitive so there’s a lot of things I can’t use, and I’ve been trying out more organic, eco friendly brands.

I have never really taken to reviewing skin care items, so I have decided to do a week of reviews, each day on a different brand/product in an attempt to both get some reviews that need doing out of the way, and also perhaps educate some more people on the importance of good skin care!

This will start tomorrow and each day will be focussed around a different brand, reviewing some of my favourite purchases and favourite brands as a whole!

T x

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