Public Desire Review

I am probably one of the only girls in the world who spends the majority of her time switching between two pairs of Doc Martens.
I am not a huge fan of heels, nor do I regularly wear them (or even have a chance to since I’m also not a huge social butterfly).
I don’t tend to love following the crowd – I’m clumsy as hell, which causes me to look at women in stilettos who don’t fall over like they’re from a different planet – How do they walk so beautifully? How do they not trip down the stairs? How do they walk home in them instead of choosing a barefoot trip to the kebab like me? I imagine these are the type of women who have their life together, and probably blissfully post pictures of avocado on toast on their Instagram every morning. Arseholes, in other words.

However, when I do wear heels, I like them to be different. I take a lot of my shoe style inspo from the amazing Kat Von D (although mine are not quite as beautiful) mainly because she’s as big a fan of black and red as I am!

Recently, I was hunting for a pair of shoes (and a whole outfit) and I stumbled across Public Desire on Instagram. I fell in love with just about every single pair, however among the endless beauties, I really fell for the Iona style, because they were so different yet beautiful.

16468741_1264539370289049_1559077329_n                            * photo taken from Public Desires Insta page @publicdesire *

The shoes were beautiful, the price tag was surprisingly affordable – so I bought them.
And I am so glad I did. The delivery time was brilliant, the shoes were beautifully boxed, unlike some other high street stores where you may even pay more (I’m looking at you, Topshop) and were even wrapped in their own tiny individual bags.
They smelt amazing (I don’t know if that matters to anyone else, but I appreciate a good smelling shoe), and they are super comfy.
They’re beautifully made, super easy to style and can be worn both with dresses and with jeans.

For anyone who is looking for a super stylish, individual and affordable pair of shoes, this would be my go to!

T x

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