Holy Grail Face Scrub – Grounded

I have always been a huge believer that good skin is the start of flawless makeup, and therefore I actively try to keep to a strict skin care routine.
However, recently I started noticing that my foundation was splitting on my nose and going patchy.
I decided to try and get a fresh base, so I looked at different scrubs, and the one that kept popping up was the Grounded Body Scrub.

I am a huge fan of organic scrubs, because as I tell everyone who will listen, microbeads are terrible for the environment and marine life.
Grounded scrubs are primarily made from ground coffee beans, as well as brown sugar, Himalayan rock salt, Almond and Sweet orange oil. They are perfumed, which makes them smell absolutely heavenly. I picked the Chocolate Orange scent, which is honestly heavenly.
However, from using scrubs in the past, I’ve never had a really positive experience. A lot of scrubs tend to add in oils or butters which make your face feel super soft, but then as soon as you rub those away with a towel, you’re back to your old skin. Also, I suffer from hypersensitivity to preservatives, so a lot of the chemicals used in scrubs tend to burn on my skin and do more harm than good.

I picked mine up when I was in work, and begrudgingly paid the £15 price tag. I never hold out much hope with face scrubs after trying and hating so many, but I decided to give it one last shot.
Firstly, let us just swoon over the packaging, because it is absolutely marvellous and so simplistic, which is exactly my taste.

This is probably what drew me to the product more than any other on the shelf, as well as it’s reviews and the fact that it was a lot more organic than the other choices available to me.

The second thing that really appealed to me before I even got the scrub on my skin was the look and smell.
It looked like the ground coffee I buy in shops to drink of a morning, which I found really cute and quirky, and it smelt amazing.
A lot of people online suggested mixing the scrub with coconut oil before applying to add more moisture to the skin, but I felt that I needed the scrub to be as abrasive as possible to remove all the dry skin, so I chose to just apply it straight to my face, which was how the company recommended it be used anyway.
The only thing that was a slight drawback here was that in the shower, the bag had to be opened with wet hands, and it’s made from paper, which can cause issues, however I didn’t really mind it too much!

As you can see, you don’t really need to use a lot of product to cover your whole face.
The instructions say to rub it in and then leave it on for 10 minutes, however I rubbed it in for around 2 minutes and then left it for a further two (enough time to take a few selfies) and then rinsed it off.
Immediately I felt my skin was softer and it felt like the dry skin had gone, but I didn’t want to take this as a given.
After drying myself off, my skin still felt beautiful, so I moisturised and headed to bed.

I can honestly say this scrub has changed my life. It’s the only thing that has successfully removed the dry skin from my nose, and has made me feel so confident in myself. It has improved the appearance of my skin, the finish of my makeup, and also the wear of my foundation. I can’t say enough good things about this as a face scrub, and although I’ve yet to try it on my body, I’m sure it will impress me just as much.
For anybody considering a new face scrub, or suffering with those dry flaky patches, I’d definitely give Grounded a try – they may not be a well known brand just yet, but their stunning packaging, amazing products, and organic ingredients have won me over for good.

T x

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