Holy Grail Face Scrub – Grounded

I have always been a huge believer that good skin is the start of flawless makeup, and therefore I actively try to keep to a strict skin care routine.
However, recently I started noticing that my foundation was splitting on my nose and going patchy.
I decided to try and get a fresh base, so I looked at different scrubs, and the one that kept popping up was the Grounded Body Scrub. Continue reading “Holy Grail Face Scrub – Grounded”

Life in plastic, it’s… fantastic?

So, it’s probably no secret to anyone on my social media that I’ve recently had lip fillers. This has caused a lot of mixed opinions, from people telling me I was fine before (plot twist: I know), to people telling me they love them. It has also caused absolute outrage with a lot of guys I’m friends with – most of which feel they are fake and unnatural – messages sent between gym sessions improving the muscular ‘gains’ they develop purely through good diet and a healthy intake of steroids – but that’s none of my business. Continue reading “Life in plastic, it’s… fantastic?”