Shaving Face (Pros/Cons)

I’ll be the first to admit to myself and to others that I have a very hairy face. In it’s natural form, my eyebrows morph into my hairline, and my peach fuzz could probably make up most of your Christmas jumpers combined.
I’m comfortable enough to admit that to female friends, potential male dates, and I am obviously now confident enough to admit it to the entirety of google. There’s no shame in the facial hair game.

However, as an unfortunate side note, I also have extremely sensitive hair follicles (sensitive to the point where they flare up in a rash every time hair is removed) – so waxing and threading are pretty much out of the question for me, unless I want to suffer with red, raised and painful skin for 7-10 days afterwards – nothing like fresh hair removal, eh?

Then a couple of months ago I came across an Instagram video of Huda Kattan (aka @HudaBeauty) talking about how she shaves her face.

I spent the entire day watching videos of different people and bloggers talking about shaving their faces, and I ended up buying a three pack of shavers with the intention of trying it out myself.

At first I only shaved above my brows, however, now I also shave the sides of my face, and I can honestly say I don’t regret it at all.

I’m going to roughly try and cover the pros/cons in this post, as well as answer some of the things I had doubts about before I first started.

Most of my biggest doubts were regrowth before I shaved, so here is every answer you will ever need compiled into a tiny little paragraph (only answers about shaving are included, sorry about that).

No, it doesn’t grow back darker. Your hair colouring depends on your DNA, and no amount of shaving will ever change that.

Yes, it does grow back with a different feel. This is because hairs naturally grow tapered, and when you shave them they grow back with a blunt end, so they feel rough. However, if you shave once a week, this is only a problem for the first 2 days, and even then, its really not an issue at all unless you stroke your face in the opposite direction to your hair growth, which is not really a common thing to do anyway.

I have not yet met a man who has been repulsed by my facial shaving – mostly meet it with mild confusion, and then forget 10 minutes later, because they’re men, and paying absolutely no attention is what they’re good at.

It does improve the look of your makeup significantly, and allows for a much smoother finish.

My foundation and base has been complimented so much in the last few months, and although I do use a fabulous foundation (NARS All Day Luminous Weightless), I also credit this down to the fact that the foundation doesn’t stick to all the tiny little hairs on my face – good bye cake face, the era of slay has arrived.

It does need to be kept on top of – I usually shave around once a week, but sometimes more or less often if I’m ill or forget to shave.

However, no matter how long I leave in between, I have never been accused of being the bearded lady when I walk around, so I can fully assure you all that it really doesn’t change anything – other than making your makeup look hella fabulous when it’s applied.

In my opinion, the positives far outweigh the negatives – in fact, I can’t really think of any ‘negatives’ from this form of hair removal, apart from the fact that I wouldn’t use it on the upper lip area, since this is where you tend to feel the hair regrowth most, so either use exfoliation pads for this, or wax if possible.

T x

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