Gold Body Paint Photography *18+ ONLY*

*18+ viewing only – please be aware that the content of this article may offend some people*

As part of my photography portfolio, last year I worked on creating some ‘artistic nudes’. This gave me an opportunity to really develop my skills, both in MUA (that gold paint gave me such a hard time) and also my photography skills both on set and in Photoshop. For this, I relied on my wonderful model Liv to be able to confidently pose in the studio, and also stand around for well over an hour for the painting process to be complete.

*Pro Tip: A foundation brush does not work with this medium and creates a streaky base – a Beauty Blender or even a regular kitchen sponge makes for a much better paint job*

To be honest, I was probably a bit of a nightmare. However, she never complained once during the entire process, and the photographs that came from this shoot are my proudest work to date.

I think it’s really important to me, as a woman who does have very strong beliefs, to think that the people who see this will appreciate the artistic thought and process that went into this work, and that we will continue to take steps in the right direction. Let’s not make this about shaming women’s bodies, because hell let’s be honest this girl has an amazing one.

For those of you who are interested, for this shoot I used Mehron Gold Powder and Mehron Mixing Liquid and mixed to a consistency a little thicker than water – I used about a whole bottle of my mixing liquid and around half of my powder paint so it does go a long way for the price you pay, however this is not a set amount and does vary between models depending on their height and size – for reference, my model is 5ft8″ and a size 8 UK (US size 4).

Without further pointless rambling, here is my work – enjoy.


*this photo was edited to look bronze for my work – this does not show the true colour of the paint*

T x

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