Fruit Tea

I am a self confessed tea addict. This is very typically British of me, however I just love a good cuppa and some biscuits.

However, the tea itself just isn’t good enough for me. It has to be something sweeter, so an additional 2-3 teaspoons of sugar usually does the trick, however it also makes me feel like an awful person, because I know how unhealthy it is (especially when you have 3-4 a day).

Recently, I have started to swap my little English Breakfast teabags for an altogether new beverage, the black fruit tea.

This is something I have done in the past, however I always chose Twinings green teas, and they were foul and needed so much sugar to even make them bearable (sorry, Twinings fans).

I found a little tea shop when I visited Salford a while back, and I knew we also had one near where I lived, so I ventured inside and found all kinds of coffee, tea and even hot chocolates.

Along with these (I am yet to try the coffees) there were small teapots and coffee machines holding different drinks for customers to try.

Here’s why I loved it;

1) I love to try things before I jump in and buy them, and this gave me a bit of joy.

2) I didn’t have to walk down a long aisle in Tesco debating between strawberry and blueberry, and wondering whether I would ever actually finish a whole mug.

So I grabbed a tiny plastic cup and tried what was in the teapot, which happened to be the flavour I picked up. Cranberry and Raspberry.


This tea is honestly amazing. It wakes me up in the morning, it’s so sweet, doesn’t need any sugar, and it’s also not bad for you at all.

I follow the instructions on the back (20g per 200ml) and only make that amount. I started off making a double dose, which was enough to fill my mug, but was too much tea for myself.

Each 200ml contains 76 calories, so it’s not bad on that either.

However, my main brags when it comes to this tea is that it wakes me up without upsetting my stomach (unlike normal tea, for some reason), and it’s also amazing sweet.

It also features Cranberry, which is great for your heart, digestion and also aids weight loss**. It also has even more benefits for us women, since it prevents and helps relieve Urinary Tract Infections. I hate cranberry juice, however for me this is a way to incorporate such a good food into my diet without having to drink something I don’t enjoy.

For anyone interested, Whittard’s have stores all over the UK, and also an online store. Their teas cost £5.50 each, and come in a variety of flavours.

This link is to their Instant Tea selection, which is what I buy, however they also offer coffee and chocolate and other beverages and accessories.

* photo taken from Whittard’s site

** apparently

T x

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