Fixing a Pressed Powder

I think I speak for 90% of the female population when I say that nothing is worse than dropping a pressed powder.
I mean, for me, its probably on par with dropping my iPhone; except you can actually see when a pressed powder breaks so you don’t get that panic picking it back up.

However, we all probably try to scoop/brush up every last piece and convince ourselves we can use it as a loose powder. Because who doesn’t want an overload of highlighter so bad you look like your skin just constantly produces oil.

But, there are simple solutions to every major dilemma… and this one happens to be a tad less expensive than fixing an iPhone screen.

So, here goes… How to return a highlighter (or whatever pressed powder you broke) to its former glory. Glow on, girls.

What you need;
– A broken pressed powder (mines Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Illuminator)
– A ziplock/Sandwich bag
– A rolling pin
– Some wipes
– Rubbing Alcohol
– A Teaspoon
– An Empty Hairspray Lid (or any empty lid which is round) *optional*
– Paper Towel

Step by Step.
1. Okay, so your powder is already pretty busted, so just go ahead and pop it in your ziplock bag (even if there are bits still attached to the bottom of your compact, scrape them out with the teaspoon because we need the whole thing)

2. Freshwipe your compact (because hygiene really)

3. Take your rolling pin, and roll over that powder until its as finely milled as you can get it.
4. Pour your powder into your clean compact slowly

5. Add rubbing alcohol to your powder, slowly, and stir it in with your teaspoon each time until it makes a paste.
6. spread your paste out into your compact like its icing on a damn cake.

7. place your Paper Towel over your empty hairspray lid, and use this to create an even surface/soak up any excess Rubbing Alcohol.

8. Watch several episodes of RuPaul whilst you wait.
9. Go ahead and use that powder!
T x

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