Body Confidence Movement.

‘I eat what I want (in moderation). I bloody love donuts, chocolate, and pizza and I never feel guilty because I also eat nutritious foods and reward myself with exercise’


As a lot of people know, I’m all for body confidence, especially in my fellow females. I think it’s great, and it definitely needs to be promoted.

However, although I promote body confidence in a big way, sometimes it can be a very negative thing.

I love my body and am perfectly happy with it, because although I have more curves than a lot of other people, I keep on top of it by going to the gym (granted, I haven’t been recently because of all my deadlines – but I won’t be made to feel bad about it).

However, this is where I am confused about this whole movement, and where the whole idea goes into a bit of a grey patch for myself.

To me, promoting body confidence should naturally go hand in hand with promoting a healthy lifestyle and exercise. But for a lot of the time, this isn’t the case.

In fact, we promote body confidence for everybody, which in theory is great – because everyone should feel happy.

However, my issue is that people aren’t concerned about their health any more – if somebody goes to the doctor and is told that they need to lose some weight, or change their lifestyle, but then that same person comes home and is told that actually, this is incorrect, and they shouldn’t have to lose weight by Instagram, a magazine, or whatever else, then they are bound to listen to this advice more so than that of a trained professional, since it gives them an excuse to continue with a ‘lazy’ lifestyle.

Admittedly, I didn’t even think about exercise as a teenager. I hated the gym until I was 16; two years on, I’ve never felt better about my health – or more confident in my body shape.

So, my point is (especially in the case of younger generations, who may be just starting to think about diet and exercise), that we should promote body confidence in everybody – however, we also need to promote a healthy lifestyle and a good diet.

Without this being at the forefront of the body confidence movement, the only thing we’re really promoting is for people to eat more and care less.

See you at the gym, people –

exercise kit harington working out 7 days in hell elliptical

T x

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