Skinny Dip

I’ve had a phone case from Skinny Dip London for a while now (since around January) and I’m still very happy with it. However, the other day when I visited my local Topshop I started to look at phone cases just to see what else they had on offer.

At the time, I was very aware that they had bags and other things on offer, but I’d always put off looking until ‘another time’.

My sister was trying on some clothes, so I had a little browse and started looking at the bags. I’m a pretty huge bag/purse fan as it is, and I’ve been on the lookout for a new, small clutch bag to take with me on nights out, since my Dorothy Perkins one broke after two uses and has been outlawed to the drawer of shame (any drawer I can find space to keep it in until I get a chance to fix it, but it looks pretty unfixable).

As I was looking through, I found the bags, which were pretty great, and I have looked at again since online, I found a selection of purses which I thought were way big enough to be a cute night out clutch.

There were both a blue and a pink purse, both in different styles, however I’ve never been the biggest fan of pink in general, so obviously I went for the blue.

As you can see, it’s a pretty stunning piece, and works well with most of my outfits. It also has space for 6 cards, a zip pocket for your notes/change, and two other, large pockets (without zips) which luckily fit my passport and phone in – so it’s really the perfect clutch for nights out.

The mermaidy vibes are also pretty strong, which is never a bad thing!

For anyone who’s interested in shopping their phone cases/any other pieces, you can go direct to:

Or alternatively on Topshop online and in some stores!

T x


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